First Chakra of Siri Bhoovalaya


Siri Bhūvalaya is a unique and inimitable creation of Digamber Jain Muni Kumudendu. It remained unexplored / dormant for about a thousand years because of its intrinsic complexity in comprehending its numerical script. Thus huge knowledge treasure-house on diversity of topics along with dispersed / interweaved with multilingual literature remained unexplored. Fortunately it was again brought to light about seventy years ago by untiring efforts of Pandit Yellappa Shastri. To many of us “Siri Bhūvalaya” still appears as a big mysterious incomprehensible puzzle and this is resulting in our society losing a great heritage of ancient precious knowledge fountainhead.
Main objective of this document is to provide a minuscule glimpse of the first Chakra of this Grantharāj, wherein Muni Kumudendu pays tribute to Eighth Tīrthankar and other Parmesṭhīs by elaborating their foremost external and internal qualities. This is in line with treating multiplicity of point of views as practiced by Ācāryās and Scholars of Jainism in understanding reality as endorsed in terms of Anekāntavād and Syādavād respectively.
It is expected that this document will stimulate inquisitiveness of English speaking readers into this one and only great scripture in the world.
The document contains the numerical script (27×27 matrix of Integers) along with decoded phonetic alphabets in Devnāgarī and Roman scripts of the first cakra of the first adhyāya of Siri Bhūvalaya. Decoded content is presented in Śhlokas (1 to 7) as they are replicated in words and phrases as compiled by Pandit Yellappa Shastri. There are some visible differences which may be attributed to probable errors in numerical scripts or some refinements done in order to improve readability.

Important declarations:

1. Number Matrix of the Cakra is as published by PustakŚakti Prakāshan, Bengaluru. There are probable errors therein, which needs investigation.

2. Decoding of the Cakra has been done using “Unified Decoding System” which is developed by Er. Anil Kumar Jain.

3. This rendition has largely drawn inspiration from exposition of Siri Bhūvalaya by Digamber Jainācharya Deśbhuṣanji Maharaj carried out with support from Pandit Yellappa Shashtri. This was duly published by Shree Bhoovalaya Prakashan Samiti, (Jain Mitra Mandal) Dharmapura, Delhi in year 1957.

4. This document is subject to errors and omissions as author admits his perception and knowledge are inadequate and imperfect. Feedback by learned readers will be highly appreciated.

Decoding and Rendition of First Chakra of First Adhyāya of Siri Bhūvalaya