Siri Bhoovalaya – Glimpses of Revival Efforts  

 by Y.K.Mohan – Pustakshakti Publishers, Bangaluru.

Siri bhoovalaya grantha, a famous and an important Publication of Pustak Shakti  has in fact increased our responsibilities .  We had no inkling of an idea that it will grow to such  a dimension. We had intended to bring it out from the dark room and reveal it in the light of the day to the world at large. Though this purpose and our intention, to some extent, has succeeded, it has brought forth many questions and problems. But we have the  satisfaction of having ventured in this direction.

During 1999 – 2000 when Dharmapal met me with a manuscript of Siri Bhoovalaya, the following aspects were noticed.

This manuscript was earlier rejected by Kannada Sahitya Parishad and also by Karnataka University.
This manuscript was not containing full information.
Many topics were omitted.
The information required by scholars and readers were not available.
The information available was not in proper order (they were in a haphazard way)
The work of publishing this book (manuscript) was taken up by Pustak Shakti Publication as a challenge
The book which was published some 50 years back by Karlamangala Shrikanthayya was not intelligible to the scholars and common readers.
Therefore, Siri Bhoovalaya was left in the dark for over 60 years. Thus Kannada literature had a great setback.

The book Siri Bhoovalaya which was published  by Karlamangala Shrikanthyya remained as a quiz (Code) because it had not the original Ankachakra of Kumudendu Muni. Therefore, this literature appeared to readers as something new The poems were not easily readable. Moreover, the method as to how to read it viz, the Chakrabandha was not explained there in. There was no mention  regarding how Shri Yellappa Shastri had discovered this literature.

Pustaka Shakti decided to bring out this book , which was laid  burried in the darkness for over 60 years (like the mythical  phoneix bird which rose from the ashes).

The defects therein were duly rectified by putting in great and unflinching efforts by Pustaka Shakti before bringing out this book.

Having released the first book on 9-3-2003, remembering the efforts put in and problems faced, we were deffident whether we can publish the second book at all.

Having spent huge amount and finding no takers especially when trusted class did not  come forward to purchase the book, it  brought about disappointment and despair

We felt that our efforts and difficulties undergone in arranging the pages of the manuscript, separating the Chakrabandhas , loading them on the Computer, translating the figures into Alphabets i.e. Characters , making the text readable , making the book easy for reading and understanding , was a daunting, challanging and tiresome job.

We were thus disheartened and hence became unenthusiastic. We incorporated the Chakrabandhas in the book so that no blemish will stick to the first of its kind book Siri Bhoovalaya .

There were many mistakes in the Anka-chakras which we had procured . In order to rectify the mistakes help was obtained from the literature of the book released in 1953.  Also help was taken from the Anka-chakras therein. In order to rectify the mistakes and to gather the 85 Chakrabandhas of 8 chapters and learn as to how to read the Bandhas in Navamank system, it took us almost 3 years. We could give readers a readable Kannada literature thereby. It took 3-1/2 years to prepare a definite manuscript of this book. Our problem did not end here. We  had to face a different problem encountered during printing (DTP) in respect of certain compound words which are not in vogue now.  There are 1 to 64 figures distributed in each of the Chakras. Their corresponding Alphabets has been found out by Shri Yellappa Shastri. But during

DTP certain unused Alphabets gave us trouble They are Ex: A A A ,  e e a ,  e e e ,  A I I  .  We had to newly incorporate them in our Computer.

Having crossed over these innumerable difficulties we released Siri Bhoovalaya  Part  I in March 2003. We received encouraging  praise but for want of purchasers for the book we had to suffer huge financial loss. Inspite of this setback we were drawn  back to go ahead with Publication because of the interest shown in this work by everybody.  More information, thoughts, enquiry regarding the Publication of the II book  were received which enthused us.

Engineer Shri Sadananda showed great interest and also arranged a programme to reach out to many scholars . He created a group of Siri Bhoovalaya enthusiastics and established Siri Bhoovalaya “Dnyana Samvardhini Sabha”to awaken the interest in Sri Bhoovalaya.

The second  publication  is in your hand today because of the encouragement shown to us and also our determination to see the second book gets published.

The second book is also like the first book containing 500 pages. The first book contained 1 to  8 chapters where as in this second book there are 9 to 20 chapters.The getup of book I is retained in book II also. Because of readers’ encouragement and their opinion that this book has made it easy to grasp the Chakrabandhas, same style will be followed in our future  release of books.

We have used the study and literature of the book left to us by Shri Karlamangala Shrikanthayya and Shri Yellappa Shastri and also K.Anant Subbarao in this book.In this book we have included 80 Chakrabandhas as named by the Poet  Shri Kumudendu Muni. . We procured them from different places and sources. But the literature of the Bandhas is not yet been undecoded. This work is left for scholars and Mathematicians who should come forward to decode .We submit that only collecting the chakrabandhas is our task. We have received immense help from former scholar Dr T.V. Venkatachala Shastri,,(Librarian of Calcutta) Shri Kumarappa ,Smt Snehalata Rohadikar, B.M Shri Pratisthana,  Prof. Shri N Geetacharya and others.  We are heartily grateful to all of them.

We took great efforts to prepare the 9 to 20 chapters of book II.My daughter-in-law Smt Vandana worked day and  night on this job.She was  so  caught in the net of Computer that she was unable to get free from it. The earlier manuscripts had figures not corresponding to Alphabets at some places .At many places there were no figures.Detecting  these omissions from literature was a tough job. My friend Shri Dharmapal and friends of B.M.Shri Pratisthan made it easy for us to correct and convert the figures into Alphabets We are grateful to them all.

Appreciation and encouragement was given to the book II  like earlier book I by literary scholars  Pfr Shri G Venkata Subbayya, Pfr S.K.Ramachandra Rao, Pfr Shri Sheshagiri Rao and Dr T.V.Venkatachala Shastri We remember them with folded hands .Dr Venkatachala Shastri has enhanced the weightage of this book by writing an excellent Preface. When we asked him to write a Preface to book II he said “.All the matter is threadbare dealt in and discussed in my Preface to book  I . So it can be reprinted in book  II “ .Thus he has given us permission to use his first Preface to the book  II.The speeches delivered  by Pfr Shri L.S.Sheshgiri Rao and Pfr S.K.Ramaachandra Rao on the occasion of release of Book  I  and also the summary of speech of Governor Shri T.N.Chaturvedi is included here.We extend our regards to all of them.

The literature left behind by Karlamangala Shrikanthayya and pandit Yellappa Shastri is sufficient for the next one book.Therefore the book  III will have 21 to 33 chapters .Here ends the work of earlier scholars.  In this book total 59 chapters are included .The scholars will have to analyse the Anka-chakras from chapter 34 onwards by using Navamanka  Shreni Bandh.By the time book   IV gets ready for release if someone finishes the above work it can be said that our programme of releasing of 4 books is fulfilled. Therefore enthusiastics should start the work on this project now. My earnest request is that the scholars and researchers may give their special attention for this work.

Encouraged by the response received from scholars we have finalized book II containing 9 to 20 chapters on the lines of book I .We have given here 80 Chakrabandhas as also their methods of reading for the information of scholars. If this book is studied by the PHD and M PHIL students of University for research and  decoding ,then it will enhance the Well-Being of people .

Besides along with above it is necessary to try and decode the other chakrabandhas given by Poet Kumudendu Muni. Similarly books on different subjects contained therein need to be studied as directed by the Author Kumudendu Muni.

This book of different disciplines ,Knowledge of different languages is in fact inviting scholars and researchers . This poses a big question to the field of literature. We  propose through this book to spread the importance of this book to scholars and researchers because of its Universal implications. All those who join us are most welcome.

There are many persons who have extended their helping hand  in publishing this book .We deem it our duty to remember them. We are grateful to all the friends of Siri Bhoovalaya foundation for giving us the manuscript , friend Shri Dharmapal who is responsible for the success of this project.  Smt Vandana ,Smt Jayashree,and Shri Anand who have done DTP, editing and paging till it reached the printing stage. Smt N.Prabhavati  who has painstakingly done the proof-reading , a tiresome job, and friend Shri Prabhakar  Chendur who has extended cooperation to Smt N.Prabhavati and Shri Umesh who struggled to see the book printed and lastly the owner of Pornima Printers Shri Somesh for the beautiful getup

 Siri Bhoovalaya  (Mpt) in National Patragar Archive  New Delhi

Ever since I had taken up the project of publishing Siri Bhoovalaya I had intended to pay a visit to National Patragar Archive at New Delhi .My desire was increasing almost everyday  I had  tried many times in this direction  but my effort did not yield fruit for 7 years because I was not having  backing .of any institution, University, or research centre. In order to obtain entry at least one of the above is absolutely necessary. If not it is impossible to obtain any information about Siri Bhoovalaya kept there. I had learnt that  President of India, then, Shri Rajendra Prasad had obtained many papers on Siri Bhoovalaya from S/Shri Karlamangala Shrikanthayya and Pandit Yellappa Shastri and had securedly placed them in the custody of National Patragar Archives at New Delhi. Lastly when I could visit the Archive I was immensely pleased to see the papers i.e. manuscripts were secure and safe. Surprisingly no one there knew about this fact. Even those who knew could not know how to procure them..

Having determined to visit National Patragar Archive New Delhi I corresponded with one of the directors .As a result when I went there I was allowed to enter the forbidden Archive where precious papers (Manuscripts)of Siri Bhoovalaya are kept. For two days i.e. on 27/2  to  28/2/2006 I inspected and was surprised to see the papers (Manuscripts) of two selfless researchers who had dedicated their life time for the propagation of Siri Bhoovalaya .This wonderful work which is not less than any University project and greater than any Thesis for a doctorate was lying  out-of-sight  for many years brought me to grief. While gazing through the papers(Manuscript) I saluted mentally the great researchers S/Shri Pandit Yellappa Shastri , Karlamangal Shrikanthayya , S  Shrikantha Shastri, (who is a research scholar in History)and K.Anant Subbarao the grand father of kannada Type-Writer. I went through and took down all the important information which is now helpful to me in my endeavor to publish the Siri Bhoovalaya book.

This National patragar Archive contains beautifully hand-written (on bond paper)Manuscripts kept in files well maintained. Therein chakrabandhas are written in both English and Kannada figures.

Particulars – Where papers are kept:

Division A                                                           Pages

1st File ( 1 – 33 Chapters)                                    283

2nd File ( 34 – 40 Chapters)                                  556

3rd File ( 41 – 56 Chapters)                                  666

TOTAL  Handwritten pages                                1505

Division B

Beautifully, without any mistakes, typed copy of Pandit Yellappa Shastry’s “ Ganeet Siddhant” in 7 pages is here. Type writing is done by  B. S. Virjakar, J. M. Burer of Kolhapur.

Division C

The original manuscripts of Siri Bhoovalaya Chakras of Pandit Yellapa Shastry are in this file. All of them are laminated. 21 chakras are in excellent condition. 11 Chakras are in torn (dilapidated) condition. So total of chakras available is 32.

Division D

This is a book in  the hand-writing of Pandit Yellappa Shastry. It contains “Jain Siddhant” of Siri Bhoovalaya in 53 pages. Besides in  “B Division” a copy of “Ganeet Siddhant” is also available. This is called as “Ank- Bhanga Bhoovalaya”.

Division E

Here hand written 34 – 59 chapters of Siri Bhoovalaya are available.

Lastly I am duty bound to show gratefulness to the director of National Patrakar Division and officers  Shri P. K. Ray, Shri G. A. Biradar, Smt Shaguph for the help and cooperation. My dear friend and MP Shri Mallikarjunayya, Shri B. M. Mallappa and Shri V. Avindranatha Rao also deserve my hearty thanks for arranging and facilitating my visit to National Patrakar archive , New Delhi.

Those who desire to obtain information may approach the following:

1) Director General of Archives
   National Patrakar Division,
   Janapath, New Delhi – 110001
2) Office In-charge – Shri P. K. Ray
   Siri Bhoovalaya Division – Shri G. A. Biradar,
   Phone 011 – 23073462
3) File In-Charge Smt Shaguph,
   Individual Compilation Division
   Phone 011 -23387509

It is shocking and heartening to know that the work of Siri Bhoovalaya which is a wonder  of wonders, the only one of  its  kind  in entire universe, written in figures, which baffles the great scholars was not known to the personnel of National Patrakar Archieve at New Delhi.

Even then the credit must go to them for saving , protecting it with utmost care.

When I explained to them the importance of this book, they were wonderstruck and exclaimed that it is one of the great wonders of the world. They cooperated with me with pleasure. They not only gave me the photocopies of the manuscripts but also promised to take utmost care to protect the manuscript.

The great effort of Pandit Yellappa Shastry and Shri Karlamangala Shrikanthayya 50 years back has failed to draw the attention of the state, is a sad end which made me miserable. I came out with a heavy heart once again thanking the staff.

I have detailed the above events with a hope that let people benefit from the information regarding the manuscript and that this rare manuscript be made known to the world such that Kannada Bhasha Literature , its culture and importance be uplifted and understood.

(Courtesy Sri Y.K. Mohan – Pustakshakti Publications, Bengaluru)