Workshop on Understanding Basics of Siri-Bhoovalaya
devised by
Er. Anil Kumar Jain

Siri Bhoovalaya is a unique and inimitable creation of Digamber Jain Muni Kumudendu. It remained unexplored / dormant for about a thousand years because of its intrinsic complexity in comprehending its numerical script. Thus huge knowledge treasure-house on diversity of topics along with dispersed / interweaved with multilingual literature remained unexplored. Fortunately it was again brought to light about seventy years ago by untiring efforts of Pandit Yellappa Shastri. To many of us “Siri Bhoovalaya” still appears as a big mysterious incomprehensible puzzle and this is resulting in our society losing a great heritage of ancient precious knowledge fountainhead.
Kannada is the language in which the numerical script of Chakras of this Granth manifest poetry and verses. Interweaved in these base-contents in Kannada are poetry and verses of many languages which include Prakruta, Samskrut, Telugu, Tamil, Apabhramsha and Pali etc. The subject matters of “Siri Bhoovalaya” cover not only discourses on various aspects of Jainism but also provided are treatise on Mathematics, Vedas, Ayurveda, Astrology etc. and many more other topics that are yet to be revealed. This is the only one of its kind of epic existing worldwide with incomparable blending of creativity in cryptography, versatility of subject matters, and literature with lingual multiplicity, poetry formulated in mathematics and depicted in graphics etc.

Accumulation of precious knowledge in the form of verses of “Siri Bhoovalaya” is categorised and spread over nine Khandas. “Mangal Prabhrut” is the name of the first Khanda which contains 59 Adhyayas and a total of 1263 Chakra. Each Chakra is primarily an integer (1 to 64) matrix of size [27×27]. Few Chakras of second Khanda “Shrutavatar” are available where as remaining Khandas are yet to be discovered.

Many of interested seekers find themselves at loss in understanding and appreciating multiplicity of magnificent characteristics of “Siri Bhoovalaya”, primarily because not only there exist little documented details on the constructional aspects of the Granth but also there is a lack of systematic guidance with hands-on practice. This workshop is an attempt to unravel crucial secrets to access this “One of Wonders of the World” for a genuine seeker. Information shared in this workshop will serve as a navigation guide for prospective researchers in exploring new vistas in this unique ocean of knowledge and wisdom.
The workshop agenda will be spread over two-days (four major sessions) and shall cover relevant aspects from an entry level to some of the advanced features of “Siri Bhoovalaya” with emphasis on hands-on exercises and practice sessions.
Study and Practice Material will be primarily based on information as available from National Archives of India, New Delhi and published books from Shri Bhoovalaya Prakashan Samiti (Jain Mitra Mandal) Dharmpura, New Delhi and Pustak Shakti Prakashan, Bangaluru.
There will be use of Computer Based Audio Visual Systems (Power Point) to convey necessary information to participants.
Computer-Knowledge of participants will be an added advantage by enabling efficient use of formulas in decoding Chakras.
Participants’ proficiency in Kannada, Prakrut, Samskrut etc. will be definitely of great value in making important findings from the verses.

Outline of Workshop Sessions

Session – 1
1. Introduction: Historical background and Muni Kumudendu’s lineage.
2. Re-invention in 20th Century by Pt. Yellappa Shastri
3. Basic Terminology: Khandas, Chakra, Bandha, Mool-Varnas, Kumudendu Code Table
4. Understanding Shreni Bandha: Magic Squares and traversal in a Magic Square, Chakra-Bandha, and Navamaank-Bandha, Chitra-Bandha.
5. Simple Examples in coding and decoding

Session – 2
1. Identifying and Understanding key Characteristics of Chakras as transcribed in original Manuscripts by Pandit Shri Yellappa
a. Notation of Chakra Identification
b. Permutation Matrix [3×3] to indicate order of processing of sub-matrices [9×9] of a Chakra
c. Pada Samkhya
d. Avarohan Indicator
2. Chakra Bandha Traversal Path Matrix
3. Navmaank Bandha Traversal Path Matrix
4. Understanding Computer Based Decoding Techniques:
a. Software by Shri Narendra Jain (USA) and Shri P.C. Jain (Lucknow)
b. “Unified Decoding System” by Er. Anil Kumar Jain (Indore)
5. Understanding Bandhas other than Shreni Bandhas:
a. Bandhas as deployed in first Adhyaya of Shrutavatar
b. Chitra-Bandha possibilities

Session – 3
1. Basic concepts in deriving multi-lingual verses from base Kannada verses: Antar Sahitya Verses and Antra-antar Sahitya Verses
2. Prakrut Gathas and Samskrut Shlokas from Poorna Padas
3. Understanding Ashwa-gati, Naag-bandha Sarp-gati, phrase-compilation

Session – 4
1. Deriving Prakrut Gathas and Samskrut Shlokas from Poorna Padas
2. Deriving Antra-adhikar and Antra-antar sahitya from 13th Adhyaya of Mangal Prabhrut
3. Deriving Multi-Lingual contents from 1st Adhyaya of Shrutavatar
4. Deriving “Tatvarth Sootra” phrases from Adhyaya 58 and 59 of Mangal Prabhrut.
5. Deriving Mantras / Sootras from others scriptures in Adhyaya 58 of Mangal Prabhrut.
6. Feedback and suggestions

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Workshop Session-1
Workshop Session-2
Workshop Session-3

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